session fee :: $300

session fee :: $400

session fee starts at :: $600

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email elle for the details
of each session

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Please make sure that if you are considering me as your photographer, that my style is what you desire! In my honest opinion, selecting the right photographer for you is the most important step. You may not value what I have to offer if you're just looking for a "cheap option".  I aim to create a natural, easy-going and fun environment. I will put my everything into capturing YOU. These photos will be yours to look at and cherish forever.  So let's get started telling your story thru my lens!

newbies | babies | kiddos

gettin' hitched

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- avoid anything with logos, graphics, characters, labels, metallic embellishments, etc... these are distracting and will quickly date stamp a photo.

- schedule salon visits approximately a week before your session date to let your hair cut grow out a bit to look its most natural.

- don't make everyone in your photo wear all the same thing,...just say no to everyone in your family dressed in khaki pants + white shirts, etc...

- while trying to stay current and fashionable, do avoid obvious trends that will be dated soon. you can do fashion forward while still remaining timeless.

- lastly, be sure to remove watches or jewelry that does not complement your look.

the wardrobe don'ts

-coordinate and complement; but not matchy-matchy

- ie: within the color blue, various shades of denim and all shades of blues ranging from navy to baby blue are acceptable and will complement each other perfectly. you can take any color from light to dark and you've got a nice tonal range.

-pair your outfits with accessories like scarves that add a pop of color, crocheted vests or sweaters that can be layered, tank tops under v-necks, flowers in the hair for the girls, or a pop of color with your shoes.

-remember to include texture like tweed, faux fur, knits & sheers... all of these items can add dimension to photos, resulting in a polished look.

the wardrobe do's


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